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MALAYSIA MM2H Application


Malaysia My Second Home Programme



at a glance

什麼是 MM2H?


The Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H) is a program inaugurated in 2002 and promoted by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC) to attract foreign retirees. Today, the Mm2H programme has evolved into a popular program for foreigners of all ages and in every walks of life to seek their second home and bring their family members to Malaysia. Up to 2018, there were a total of around 42,000 families worldwide have joined the programme.

The MM2H visa is a long-term social pass that enables multiple entries and exits. It is valid for up to 10 years, subject to the validity of your passport at the time of getting the visa. It is advised that you should renew your passport prior to collect your visa in Malaysia for the sake of getting the longest possible years. The MM2H visa is renewable once the required documents and financial capacity are being fulfilled.


Applicants are expected to be financially capable of supporting themselves and their family members on this programme in Malaysia, without seeking employment and grants from the government.

Financial Requirements:

Subsequent requirements upon receipt of the letter of 'Conditional Approval':

  • For medical insurance, exemptions may be given for participants who face difficulty in obtaining a medical insurance due to their age or medical condition.

  • MM2H visa holders are not allowed to work or be employed while staying in Malaysia. Persons wishing to work or be employed should obtain a valid working visa in Malaysia.

  • The requirements of the MM2H programme are slightly different in Sarawak in East Malaysia, please contact us for more information for the Sarawak version.

What is MM2H


  1. Open to all citizens of countries recognised by Malaysia regardless of race, religion, gender or age.

  2. Spouse and all children under 21 years of age can become the programme dependents.

  3. No compulsory requirement for the minimum days to stay in Malaysia.

  4. Can enter and leave Malaysia freely as the MM2H visa is for multiple entries.

  5. MM2H is renewable every ten years and may renew indefinitely provided that the renewable requirements are met.

  6. Renunciation of the original citizenship is not necessary.

  7. Can stay anywhere in Malaysia except Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo where they need to convert to the Sabah/ Sarawak version.

  8. No tax liability on foreign remittances into Malaysia as foreign-source income generally is not subject to tax in Malaysia.

  9. Enjoy an attractive interest rate of around 3.5-4% on your bank deposit and savings remitted into Malaysia.

  10. Children are eligible to study in private and international schools.

  11. Parents of the main applicant (not the parents of the spouse) who are over 60 years of age can become dependents of the visa (renewable every 6 months).

  12. Can import existing pets into Malaysia.

  13. Can relocate existing maid/domestic helper to Malaysia.

  14. Can terminate the visa at any time and arrange for the withdrawal of the required bank deposits.


No language barrier

Though the official language is Malay, English is commonly spoken and written in Malaysia. 

Proximity and Mixed Culture 

 Proximate to Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and other Asian countries with a mixed culture.

Quality education system

Over 200 international schools in every curriculum at an affordable price.

Stability of currency rate

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Quality medical services

Highly accessible healthcare services, competitively affordable and of world-class quality. 

No natural calamities

Free from natural calamities such as earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, droughts and famines

Amenable climate

No natural calamities and amenable climate which is most suitable for retirees and families.

Reasonable cost of living

More reasonable cost of food, petrol, car and property prices compared to many other countries.

Features and Benefits
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After being engaged as your official MM2H agent, we will provide a list of required documents and assist you with the best way to prepare, including the income and asset proofs, based on your specific circumstances.

As the required documents may change from time to time by MOTAC, we will provide the most up to date information regarding the application process in due course.

  • All copies must be certified TRUE COPIES OF ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS by designated professionals from origin country.

  • Our on-site lawyer will assist with certifying copies for Hong Kong clients with no extra fees.

  • Licensed companies are required to provide the personal bond for their clients who have been approved under the MM2H Program. We will submit the 'Personal Bond' for you as your official sponsor and appointed MM2H licensed agent.

  • Where original documents are not in English, the translation must be done by a qualified translator. We will be able to help, subject to additional fees.

  • Dependent (s) refer to spouse and children aged below 21 years old and not married, parent(s) aged 60 years old and above.

  • The requirements of the MM2H programme are slightly different in Sarawak in East Malaysia, please contact us for more information for the Sarawak version.




Free consultation and advice from our lawyers and accountants on your case according to your circumstances

5. Conditional Approval

Will help liaise with the Authority and re-submit documents or appeal until approval should your case being rejected. 

7b. Medical Checkup 

Help arrange medical checkup at any local clinics or hospitals for applicants and all dependents.

2. Confirm Application

Arrange service agreement with us and pay a 60% service fee of  HKD 12,000. We offer Free CTC service for all copies

6.Remaining Service Fees

A remaining service fee of

HKD 8,000 to be paid upon approval. Will arrange for a refund subject to our policy if the appeal was unsuccessful.

7c. Medical Insurance

*Assist to arrange local medical insurance to cover future medical expenses for the whole family in Malaysia. 

3. Documents Preparation

Help prepare all required documents and advise on the application of LOGC. 



Arrange to visit Malaysia for 4-5 days within 6 months from the grant of Conditional Approval to perform the following requirements

8. Visa


Accompany you to collect visas from the MM2H immigration centre upon submission of required fees** and evidence of the completion of 7a-7c.

4. Application Submission

 We will submit your application forms and supporting documents to the MM2H Centre upon final review.

7a.Bank Account Opening

Assist to open a bank account and make deposit into the Malaysian Bank - RM150,000 if over age 50; RM300,000 if under age 50.

9. One-stop relocation service

Congratulate on obtaining your MM2H visa!

We offer one-stop post-approval services to fulfil your relocation needs.

  • It will take 8-12 months for the grant of conditional approval. 

  • Applicants shall submit as many supportive documents as possible for a higher success rate of approval.

  • * Any international medical insurance that covers Malaysia may apply for a waiver.

  • **Various Visa Fees are payable to the Immigration Department.


We offer the following one-stop post-approval services includes but not limited to (with additional fees, if applicable):

  • ​Assist your housing needs

  • Arrange for car purchasing or importing

  • Applications for foreign maid

  • Application for a student pass,

  • Application for over 60 parent visas

  • Arrange for company incorporation and business setup

  • MM2H visa transfer to new passport

  • MM2H FD withdrawal application

  • MM2H visa Termination

  • MM2H Renewal processing

  • Assist to get Student visa & University applications

  • Malaysian driving license application


Doc and Procedures

International Schools in Malaysia

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Please contact us for any enquiries or to arrange for a free consultation by appointment. 

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